Illustrations by Di Lorriman

Commissions taken for caricatures… I even asked Dolly if she’d like to be drawn!

Dolly Parton Caricature by Di Lorriman

"Dolly Parton" Watercolour

Activity Sheet by Di Lorriman

"Dieters Help" Watercolour

Self Portrait. Watercolour by Di Lorriman

"Self Portrait" Watercolour

Shani Box. Watercolour by Di Lorriman

"Shani Box" Watercolour

Advertising commissions

Conkers Rope Walk by Di Lorriman

"Conkers Rope Walk." Watercolour

Imaginative view of the Hi and Lo ropes aerial experience at Conkers.

Click here to download a high resolution copy from Conkers website.

Stargazy World. Children's Book Illustrated by Di Lorriman

"Stargazy World"

Di has illustrated this children’s book. Follow link to read more and order. Stargazy World

Commissions invited for children’s activity sheets…

Activity Sheet by Di Lorriman

"Strike up the band"

Ashby Arts Festival in 2013

Colouring Sheet. Ashby Light Railway

"Colouring Sheet. Ashby Light Railway"

Wetherspoon in Ashby de la Zouch for Opening in 2013

Large scale Illustrations

Civil War at Ashby Castle 1644

Part of "Civil War at Ashby Castle. 1644"

Gouache commissioned by Wetherspoons

Inclusive Playground by Di Lorriman

"Inclusive Playground"

Watercolour. Commissioned by Scope

Two of Di’s many cartoons

Waltzing Matilda by Di Lorriman

"Waltzing Matilda"

For Marine Studios Adventures in Comics

Water Feature Cartoon by Di Lorriman

"Water Feature"

For an unfortunate friend whose roof leaked!

All work shown here is copyright Di Lorriman unless otherwise stated.